Today the Country celebrates Hanuman Jayanti


According to the calendar, Hanuman, son of Anjani, was born on the full moon of the Shukla Paksha in the month of Chaitra.  
In Hinduism, Ram devotee Bajrangbali is considered to be one of the seven chiranjivis, meaning he is alive even in the age of darkness.  He is called the god of the age.  It is also believed that by worshiping Hanuman, who gives strength, wisdom and knowledge, with a sincere heart, every deed of the devotees is resolved.  Preparations have started for Hanuman Jayanti.  Pandals are being decorated in places, preparations are being made for the Maha Yagna.  On this special day, Hanuman devotees fast in his name, do charity and send many congratulatory messages to their loved ones.

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