ISRO's Pushpak Space Shuttle: India's future 'spacecraft' ready, name is Pushpak



RLV-TD is actually a special type of space shuttle.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi saw its larger form recently during his visit to Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre.  This aircraft is a reusable launch vehicle.  Which will be used to carry satellites and cargo in space in future.
It has been named Pushpak.  Let us know how many and what types of tests have been done.  ISRO, DRDO and IAF jointly conducted the test on 2 April 2023 in Chitradurga, Karnataka.  Landing of RLV-TD was done.  RLV was released from a height of four and a half km from Chinook helicopter.  The vehicle made a successful landing.
RLV is an indigenous space shuttle.  In a few years, our astronauts can put cargo in its bigger version and send it to space.  Or satellites can be launched through this.  It will leave the satellite in space and return.  So that it can fly again.

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