What arguments is the central government making on same-sex marriage? SC asked this



National Desk:
 Should gay marriage be legalized or not?  The Supreme Court is hearing the case.  A five-judge constitutional bench has been hearing the case for six consecutive days.
 In court, gays have demanded legal recognition of marriage.  So the Center is taking a tough stance on it and opposing it.  Now, the Supreme Court says the government should also consider whether same-sex marriage without legal recognition can be given the benefit of a scheme.
 The court also said that whether the central government calls gay cohabitation 'marriage' or not, there must be some 'label'.
 "The right to love, the right to live together, the right to choose one's partner, the right to choose one's sexual orientation are all fundamental rights," said Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, appearing on behalf of the Centre.  But there is no fundamental right to recognize that relationship as marriage or any other name.
 Mehta said that not all social relationships have the same fundamental right as marriage.  The government has no obligation to recognize all forms of private relationships.  There are a large number of relationships in society and not all need to be recognized.

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