Uttar Pradesh's first glass sky walk bridge in Tulsi waterfall has been completed



Uttar Pradesh's first glass sky walk bridge has been completed at Tulsi (Shabari) waterfall in Chitrakoot.  A bridge in the shape of Lord Rama's bow and arrow has been constructed at a cost of Rs 3.70 crore on the waterfall at Kodand forest.
The bridge will be opened to tourists after the Lok Sabha elections.  It will become the most beautiful eco-tourism center in the coming time.  Restaurants are also being built along with herbal gardens.
 The Glass Sky Walk Bridge has been constructed by the Forest and Tourism Department.  It is built by Pawan Sut Construction Company of Ghazipur.  The waterfall on which the Glass Sky Walk Bridge is built in the Markundi Range was formerly called Sabari Waterfall.

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