ISRO gave big update on Chandrayaan-4, India's next mission will land on the Moon with astronauts



Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) chief S Somnath said the next installment of the Chandrayaan program is under development, which will take the country's lunar exploration forward.  He said Chandrayaan-4 is the first step towards achieving India's goal of landing an astronaut on the moon by 2040.  Addressing a press conference, S Somnath said, “Chandrayaan-4 is a concept that we are now developing as a continuation of the Chandrayaan series.  Hon'ble Prime Minister has announced that in 2040 an Indian will land on the Moon.  So, if that’s to be done, we have to continue exploring the moon in various ways.”
S.Somnath said ,  “Chandrayaan-4 is the first step towards taking a spacecraft to the moon and collecting samples and bringing them back to Earth.  It represents the whole cycle of going to the moon and coming back to Earth. ISRO is working on many other projects ranging from rocket and satellite projects to technology development projects. We have a lot of projects at the moment, including rocket projects, satellite projects, application projects and technology development projects.  We have about 5-10 rocket projects, about 30-40 satellite projects, and 100 application projects and thousands of R&D projects.”

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