'DMK insulted Indian scientists', PM Modi said on Chinese sticker controversy


These days, a political battle has started over the advertisement given regarding the new space port of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) built in Tamil Nadu.  BJP leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi have lodged a strong objection to the sticker of China's flag in this advertisement.  This sticker was placed on the last stage of a picture of a rocket.
 Let us tell you that on Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone of ISRO's second spaceport in Kulasekaranapattinam, Tamil Nadu.  Small satellite launch vehicles will be launched from here.  The Tamil Nadu government had given an advertisement in the local newspapers regarding this program.  In this advertisement, a picture of a rocket was used, on the last stage of which a sticker resembling the flag of China was attached.
 On this advertisement of Tamil Nadu government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi fiercely targeted the DMK government.  He called it an insult to the taxpayers and scientists of Tamil Nadu.  He said, 'DMK is a party which does not work but remains ahead to take false credit.'


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