Keep a close eye on China's activities in the Indo-Pacific


Admiral R Hari Kumar: The Indian Navy is keeping an eye on China's every move in the entire Indo-Pacific region and is deployed to protect India's interests in the entire region.  Indian Navy Chief Admiral R Harikumar said in his press conference before Navy Day that the Indian Navy will become completely self-reliant by 2047.  Warships and aircraft of the Indian Navy are deployed beyond the Indo-Pacific region.  Admiral Hari Kumar said that although the seas are the common heritage of the entire world, Chinese activities are increasing rapidly in the Indo-Pacific region.  Be it a Chinese ship, submarine or surveyor ship, no one is hidden from the eyes of the Indian Navy.
In fact, India is aware of the activities of the Chinese Navy in the entire region and is also fully aware of its intentions.  The Navy Chief said that Pakistan is continuously trying to strengthen its navy with the help of China. The Indian Navy is preparing its future plans keeping all these challenges in mind.  Despite the increasing influence of China in Maldives, the Indian Navy is continuing its previous program of helping in maritime security there and in future necessary steps will be taken on the instructions of the Government of India.

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