After the duty was over, the loco pilot parked the train and went to sleep


A surprising incident happened in Barabanki, UP on Wednesday.  After parking two trains, the loco pilot went to sleep.  A train stood at the railway station for about four hours.  The passengers of the other train also remained restless for more than two hours.  The patience of the passengers waiting for the train to open has worn out.  They created a huge ruckus at the railway station.  The matter pertains to Burhwal railway station of Barabanki.  Train number 02553 was carrying passengers from Saharsa to New Delhi.
The loco pilot of Saharsa-New Delhi Express, which reached Burhwal railway station at around 1 pm, got down from the train and went to rest.  The passengers did not understand the reason for the train stopping for a long time.  He went to the railway station and inquired.  It was learned that the duty of the loco pilot of the train was over.  Therefore the train has been refused to move forward.

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