Drone attack on Russia's presidential palace, Kremlin claims - attempt to assassinate Putin


International Desk:
Russia has accused Ukraine of plotting to assassinate President Vladimir Putin. Russia says that Ukraine attacked the presidential residence Kremlin with a drone to kill Putin. However, Putin has not been harmed in this attack. He is completely safe.
Russia issued a statement on Wednesday saying that the Kremlin was attacked last night by two drones in an attempt to assassinate Putin. Russia has called it a terrorist attack. Russia says that they have shot down two drones made by Ukraine.
The Kremlin says that the attack has been attempted before the Victory Day parade on May 9. There was an attempt to attack Putin with a drone. But Putin has not been harmed in this. We have the right to retaliate. Despite the drone attack, the Victory Day Parade to be held on May 9 will be held on time.

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