Chandrayaan 3 News: Morning at Shiv Shakti Point, will Vikram and Pragyan wake up again?


Morning is about to dawn at Shiv Shakti Point, 600 kilometers from the moon's south pole.  Not a short morning.  Mornings lasting for the next 14-15 days.  This is the morning of hope.  If enough sunlight falls on the solar panels of the Vikram lander of Chandrayaan-3 and the Pragyan rover, they will wake up.
 Currently Vikram Lander's receiver is on.  All his devices are off.  The same is true of Pragyan Rover.  On September 22, ISRO scientists will try to contact the Vikram lander again.  By then, the battery inside the lander will be charged.  All instruments must have been warmed up after being removed from the cold.
 The Vikram lander has been put to sleep on September 4, 2023.  All its payloads were turned off.  Only the receiver was on.  By that time all the data had been received by the Bangalore position ISTRAC.  Vikram had bounced on the moon once more before his sleep.  

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